Video of the demonstration against settlements in Sheikh Jarrah

Posted by: Eva Ferrero on November 30, 2009

Just a few days ago, I posted a link with some pictures of the demonstration. Now here is the video:

The demonstration starts in the very center of West Jerusalem, goes trough the most important shopping roads, then turns (near the Old City) onto “Road Number 1″ which is in fact the Green Line inside of Jerusalem… While we go we can see West Jerusalem on the left and East Jerusalem on the right of the big road…

“Enough with settlements in East Jerusalem” = the first, big one held by 2 people
“Enough with settlements in Sheikh Jarrakh”
“Nir Barakat (the mayor of Jerusalem): How many children have you made homeless?”

The slogans we shouted were:
“End the Occupation” (Dai la-kibboush)
“Sheikh Jarrakh is Falasteen, evacuate the settlers” (Sheikh Jarrakh hee falasteen, lefanot et hamitnachl’im)
“Occupation is terror, denial doesn’t help”
“Jews and Arabs against house demolitions”

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