Thanks to the limitless possibilities online today there is nothing keeping us from communicating with each other.
All podcasts and teleconferences take place through Skype. We use Flip cameras for on-the-ground communication via videos which are later published here.
Podcasts and videos will be mainly conducted in Israel but the editors will be making frequent trips to Palestine in order to involve Palestinian participants. This will help capture the reality of the situation.
The aim of this project is to involve as many students as possible around the world, providing them with an insight of this conflict that they may not be receiving from the mainstream media.

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Grassroots Jerusalem

Grassroots Jerusalem

Grassroots Jerusalem sets out to provide an “Evolving Map” of the current grassroots activities and organizations working in the Jerusalem area. We provide a picture of what is currently happening on the ground, the pending urgent issues, the local solutions and where support is needed to further the work.

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